Benefits and harms of pomegranate

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As can be seen from the chemical composition, pomegranate contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Unfortunately, garnet, in spite of its many advantages, has the disadvantages!

Pomegranate juice and its benefits

Fresh pomegranate juice has a sweet-sour taste with shade astringent notes. The following discussion focuses only on the freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, and do not shop so we do not know that and in what proportions we manufacturers have poured into the bottle.

The use of pomegranate seeds

Many people do not like garnet from the fact that it contains many grains. After all, how much they use! Grind the bones of pomegranate helps relieve headaches and reduce high blood pressure. Also, it contributes to the hormonal activity of the organism. With the pomegranate seeds you make even juice and essential oils. Oil is used in cosmetics. The juice has a diuretic effect, respectively, good for the kidneys and liver.

Useful properties of pomegranate peel

From pomegranate peel powder is obtained, which has a strong astringent effect and is able to treat enter colitis.

Also, the powder can be used as a powder with scratches and cracks on the skin.

A decoction of the peel is very good to deal with colds. In addition, it helps to remove worms from the body. Bark contains garnet alkaloids, which have anthelmintic activity.

When rinsing solution from the skin can cure stomatitis and bleeding gums.

Do not forget the useful properties of partitions grenade. Dried septum and added to the dried tea. This tea normalizes the action of the nervous system and has a calming effect, as well as to cope with insomnia.

In addition to beneficial effects on the human body, pomegranate has a number of contraindications.

Pomegranate juice is contraindicated for people with chronic diseases of the stomach such as gastritis with high acidity, and peptic ulcers.

It is not recommended to use the juice and children under 1 year. Until 4-7 years, it is useful to dilute the concentrated juice with water.

The pomegranate juice with its easy access to all the same should not be used, it can be very harmful to a person by virtue of any unnatural supplements manufacturer.

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