Fast? Smart? Awesome?

Pretty monster, depicted on the front page of the website seems to deter all troubles, a student may encounter while studying. Is really so fast, smart and awesome as they describe themselves?


When you visit the website, the first thing that jumps up at you is a cartoonish monster. Website designers wanted to convey the idea that does not shrink from academic difficulties. I may be mistaken in rendering the main concept, but it is not that important, as what is hidden behind the picture.

The website is spacious enough with the information presented either in pictures or short theses. The top area of the page is dedicated to the subject choice, Here you may pick up from suggested categories or make use of the search bar.

In the bottom of the page, the company provides more extended menu of its services. It is more convenient, since you can easily switch from one page to another.

In fine, has non-intrusive, convenient and easy-to-use website. Funny monster makes the site more attractive for the visitors.

Quality and prices

TermPaperMonster.cpm is not a one-paper service. Here you have a lot of subjects to choose form. If to be precise, the company claims to be competent in more than 50 fields of science. That is really impressive. But when it goes about custom services, quality definitely matters.

At customer himself defines what quality he\she would like to get. Strange, as it may seem, but such approach really works so far as it concerns money. The policy of the company is as follows: want A-level paper – pay more, don’t pretend to an excellent mark – pay less. As for me it’s quite fair, since you do not have to overpay for unnecessary services. Add free revision and first order discount, and you will spare pretty penny. Actually this the way I understand smart combination of quality and prices.

Operation speed

Although the quality of papers delivered by may vary, the tempo of their work remains unchangeable. It is equally fast with both extensive orders and short papers. Whatever term you specify in the order form it is sure to be met. No exceeded terms and satisfactory marks for untimely task submission. This pretty monster is not just smart but rather pacey.


Can keep secrets? Yes, it can, due to the strong security system, protecting personal customers’ data from third parties intrusion. Thus, you can easily give the service your contact information and be calm that it will not go beyond company’s borders.

Beneficial offers distinguishes itself not only with the original layout, it has some offers, which a customer can make use of either for free or a small charge.

First, the company gives an advisory opinion on the academic issue you are concerned about. The consultation runs in the online mode, during which you have an opportunity to talk to a specialist and find out his\her viewpoint to a certain piece of academic writing. Sounds great, though, unfortunately, there is no information provided as to the price of this special offer. So, if you find it attractive, contact customer support team, there you’ll get an exact answer.

Editing, proofreading and formatting may go as separate services, you can apply for your written paper. In money terms, it will cost you no more than 9 dollars per page. Isn’t it awesome?

In conclusion, has justified its all claims. Yes, this service is smart, though the quality of the paper depends on your choice. I have nothing to say against the speed of performance since it is very high. Finally, the company is awesome, because it makes a quality affordable. Why not use it?

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